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Canada Study VISA

Canada Study VISA

  • The Canadian government offers all Indian students the chance to study there, but they must first secure a study permit before travelling there.

Students must have both a study permit and a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) in order to enter Canada. Students need a study permit to enrol in school in Canada, but they also need a TRV to enter the country.

The student may submit an application for a study visa through the Association of Canadian Community Colleges’ Student Direct Stream (SDS) and General category as well as the Canadian Immigration Programs in Chandigarh and New Delhi. The student must have an unconditional offer letter from one of the institutions or colleges covered by this programme in order to be eligible for a study permit application under the SDS.

China, Morocco, Pakistan, The Philippines, Senegal, and Vietnam are currently eligible for SDS. The processing of student visas takes at least 15 days.

Documents Checklist for SDS (STUDENT DIRECT STREAM):

  • Completed application form with all questions answered, dated, and signed, along with the student’s name, mailing address, phone number, and email address
  • An authentic, current passport and a photocopy of the biodata page
  • Student Questionnaire and Family Information Form
  • Two white-background passport photos, as well as visa requests from each member of the family. The images must be recent (6 months) photos with the students’ names printed on the back.
  • A letter of acceptance from the student’s Canadian educational institution detailing unconditional admission, the course title, length of study, level of study, start date (and, if applicable, multiple start dates), and the earliest date of admission that is possible.
  • IELTS test scores from the past 24 months show an overall band score of 6.0 and no individual bands lower than 6.0.
  • A photocopy of each student’s most recent grade report card and diploma (for the entire program; consolidated mark sheets are NOT acceptable)
  • The institution has provided a copy of the tuition fee receipt.

⦁ Before submitting an application, a medical checkup must be completed. Results from medical tests are good for a year.

⦁ A GIC certificate from any authorised Canadian financial institution demonstrating that funds up to the amount of CAD$ 10,000 are available for the student’s living expenses is required in order to submit a Study Permit application under SDS.

Under SDS, paying the college or university’s annual tuition is required.

The visa officer will assess your application and determine whether an interview is required. At CHC in New Delhi, the visa interview will be conducted.

Documents Checklist for General:

In addition of above SDS documents below documents are also required for General category
  • Sponsor’s affidavit of support
  • Sponsor ID proof
  • 2 years of the sponsor’s ITR with a computation sheet
  • Funds needed: Savings, Fixed Deposit, and Student Loan

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