Guide for Parents

Guide for Parents

When it comes to your child’s education abroad, it is essential that you and both of you be on the same page. The procedure is challenging enough as it is, but ignorance or poor advice might make this great experience into a nightmare. We are aware of your worries, whether they are related to money, safety, course recognition, or university certification. Because of this, we have developed a specific guide to assist in the process of your child pursuing education abroad and how you, as a parent, can make it easier.


Understanding the student’s decision

First and foremost, achieving one’s potential is all about pursuing one’s aspirations, and Destiny Founder helps students do just that. In order to comprehend this, a parent’s role is absolutely essential. In order to support your child’s desire to study abroad, you must first understand what they are aiming for. Their aspirations may be completely different from what you might have expected as a parent.

Transparency about the financial aspects

Destiny Founder believes strongly that a parent should participate in the counselling and admissions process to the same extent as the child. The choice you choose for your child will depend on how experienced you are as a parent and how interested and receptive you are to the information. The things that can be guaranteed by continuing to participate in the process are listed below.

  • The reliability of the colleges and their programmes
  • Health and safety of children
  • Keeping up with your child’s development

Details and Concerns – Last-minute Safety

Through our pre-departure Seminar, we at Destiny Founder provide an overview of all the last-minute essentials. Here is a summary of what we cover and the requirements.

  • Keep the prescription and the medications in a safe place.
  • Get them vaccinated against all the viruses and diseases you don’t want them to have
  • Check the nations for media updates.
  • Before your child travels to a foreign country, he or she must also be insured.

Spend time with them once the date of their journey has been determined. Support them emotionally and concur with their choice. If you have friends in the same nation, make sure to provide both your child and them their phone number. Give them the local currencies and support them financially beforehand. Decide on a method for money to be sent through banks. With them, fix the contact surface.

For all additional pertinent details, see Destiny Founder.

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