Self Apply vs Agents

Self apply vs agent

Many study abroad aspirants try to save money by applying to universities abroad on their own. While this is possible since all the necessary information is available on the internet, it is often not advisable because the process can be time-consuming, complicated, and the chances of success are low. Here are some advantages of seeking assistance from overseas education agents:

  1. Market Insights: Overseas education consultants are experts in the field and keep up to date with the latest trends, the best universities, and countries with better industrial exposure. Self-application requires a lot of research, and access to databases is often needed.
  2. Follow-Ups and Time Management: Consultants provide updates on each step of the application process, which saves time and effort. Self-applicants have to rely on themselves for updates.
  3. Eligibility and Shortlisting: Consultants have tie-ups with recognized universities and can recommend the best fit for a student’s profile, even if they do not meet eligibility criteria.
  4. References: Consultants have access to a vast network of students studying in various countries and colleges, giving students a broader perspective than relying on friends or relatives.
  5. Editorial Services: Consultants help students draft documents such as SOPs, admission essays, LORs, and CVs that present their profile strongly, thereby increasing the chances of acceptance.
  6. Documentation and University Interviews: Consultants help students with documentation, financial documents, and university interviews.
  7. Scholarship and Assistantship: Consultants increase the chances of students obtaining scholarships and assistantships since they have access to various scholarships and understand their selection criteria.
  8. VISA Filing: Consultants guide students through the crucial VISA filing process, ensuring they do not miss out on any essential steps.

It is essential to plan and manage time properly when applying to universities abroad since the process takes almost a year. Seeking assistance from overseas education agents saves time, provides expert guidance, and increases the chances of success.


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