The Journey of Studying Abroad

The journey of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a unique experience, so we advise students to take full advantage of it while still learning as much as possible. Now is the moment to get ready to dive in. Let’s get going!

Before Moving

Making an informed decision is something that Destiny Founder advises doing because it is very vital. To allow students ample time to make a decision, we advise starting the process at least two to three years beforehand. We advise them to spend enough time researching the programme and the college they want to attend because that is the first step in moving forward.

The lengthy application procedure that comes after is the next stage, so students have even more reason to learn about it and prepare for it. It is advised that students begin developing their applications 8 to 9 months prior to the admissions window. This enables them to reevaluate and enhance the application in order to present it in the best possible light. You should also take the necessary exams to prove your eligibility at this point in your journey.

Depending on the university, universities typically respond with their final judgement in 3–4 months. If the student is approved, the VISA application procedure begins. It is anticipated to take between two and three months. This is the ideal time frame for submitting an application without problem.

After The Move

The students’ dream is just getting started, therefore we encourage them to follow our suggestions for a seamless and joyful experience.

To meet everyday demands, taking a part-time work is always an excellent option. However, doing so shouldn’t come at the risk of endangering the studies themselves.

When you complete your education and earn a degree, you are considerably more prepared to meet the demands of the market. You develop new talents that improve your marketability and open up more lucrative employment choices for you. After having international experience, your professional opportunities significantly improve.

Destiny Founder Counseling

Destiny Founder offers you our professional guidance to help make the process stress-free and easy-going in the long term. Due to a lack of a document, a late application, or other such unforeseen events, students may fall behind. You can proceed with all of these actions by yourself. You can directly apply for admission to the university. You won’t ever miss this significant opportunity with the assistance of a GO representative because we take care of everything in advance. Anyone can use the free counselling sessions offered by Destiny Founder without having to pay anything. We provide you a wide range of services that you will need for the future. Contact us if you need any additional help. As always,

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