To make sure that the student entering the UK is aware of all visa requirements, the student visa in the UK has a specified validity period and certain conditions attached. Students must continue to be enrolled in the designated Institution.

We have outlined the key points to be aware of in relation to the UK Visa Application procedure.

UK Student VISA Rules:

The UK Universities are world-renowned and its degree is highly acknowledged & accepted globally.

Important Information for Indian Students:

  • If enrolling in a course at level 6 or higher, students may work 20 hours per week in addition to their studies.
  • If enrolling in a course at level 6 or higher, students are permitted to work full time (40 hours per week) during breaks.
  • Students may work full-time in the UK after graduation if their position is in the field they are studying and pays a minimum of 20,000 GBP.
  • Leading firms in the UK anticipate hiring a lot more graduates in 2014 and are posting 8.7% more entry-level positions.
  • There will be more opportunities for this summer’s university graduates than at any point since the recession’s beginning thanks to the significant increase in graduate job openings for 2014, which brings graduate recruitment to its highest level since 2007.
  • Leading graduate employers in the UK anticipate holding graduate starting salaries at a median of £29,000 for an unprecedented fifth year in 2014.
    Graduate Entrepreneurship Plan (TIER 1) – 1900 spots under this scheme permits Postgraduate students to extend their visa by one year Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIER 1) – Students will have four months to find a job once they graduate

Student Visa (PBS)

Students who are over 16 and have been awarded a seat on a course in the United Kingdom for their higher education are eligible for student visas; this category is part of the POINT BASED SYSTEM.

To qualify for a study visa, students must receive 50 points for their CAS, 10 points for maintaining their funds, and 10 points for English proficiency.

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